The Era of Transformation: How to Modernise a Traditional Living Space

08 August 2022

If you are planning on transforming your traditional home into a more modern design, incorporating modern elements is the best way to go without the need to undertake a full home renovation. Modern design continues to inspire interior designers in recent years, especially in upgrading traditional homes. In this blog, you can take inspiration on how to modernise your traditional living space.

Go Minimalist

If you are wishing to breathe some fresh life into your home, transitioning to a more modern home style is the best option for you. In its design element, new modern architecture is more inclined to a minimalist approach and emphasises function. Thus, focus more on minimalist designs and home features when modernising your traditional home.

Be Consistent with Rectangular Forms

One essential element that you should also know about new modern architecture is they are known for incorporating rectangular forms. Rectangular forms are commonly used in modernist architecture thus, for an easier, quicker, and economical modern design transition, use concrete, brick, timber, and stone material to form rectangular shapes and forms. Integration of rectangular form with any of these materials means less waste.

Think Large Glass Windows 

Another way to modernise your traditional home is to think about large glass windows. It is one of the most essential features of modern design and style. Incorporating expansive glass windows into your home transformation helps create effects of lights, volume, and space and allows natural light and optimises daylighting.

Go for Open Floor Plans

If you are aiming for a more inviting and welcoming vibe for your new modern home, opt for open floor plans. They are a signature feature of modern design and style which significantly allow flexibility and expand your existing space. Open and well-defined floor plans have become popular and become a trend when transforming living spaces.

Combine Neutrals and Natural Materials

Modern design often incorporates natural materials like timber and combines them with neutrals. Combining neutrals and natural materials are common modern elements that are utilised to effectively express functionality and home style. The modern design also promotes sustainability by incorporating a touch of natural materials and combining it with neutrals. It is the only renewable building material it incorporates which provides a warm and cozy feeling to your new living space. Natural materials offer sustainability and warmth which makes them a timeless material choice for a modern design that retains their style over the years.

Transition to Whitewashed Exteriors

Modernising a traditional living space is changing your old exterior theme into a whitewashed exterior. Modern architectural design is unique for its incorporation of whitewashed exteriors. An easy way to incorporate modern style in transforming your traditional living space. To incorporate this style,  place whitewash on top of a brick to create a more muted effect on your brick material but still preserve its natural texture. Whitewashing your façade is an effective way to update and transform the overall look of the exterior structure of your traditional home without making any significant structural changes.

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