Modern Open Space Living Defined by A. Romanin & Sons

07 November 2022

You’ll hear the phrase “open concept” frequently if you watch any home design TV programme. Open-concept design is all about knocking down walls to create rooms with large living, dining, and kitchen areas. Separate rooms still hold appeal for some people. But many homeowners nowadays are altering their conventional floor designs drastically so they can enjoy cooking, eating, and watching movies all in the same place.

In this blog, one of the leading and reputable building contractors, A. Romanin & Sons, will help us define what modern open-space living looks like.

Each Area Should Have a Feature

Each area should have a distinctive design element to help identify it and make the space stand out. The room’s main point must be chosen, however, there’s a problem: We need more than one of these spaces. To help capture the eye, each of the distinct groupings requires its focal point. For this, lighting is a fantastic option. Consider employing striking fixtures to anchor each of your usage areas by hanging a large chandelier in the living room. Choices could include architectural features like built-in storage, standout pieces of furniture, or fireplaces. Have fun and give each functional area its own personality.

Keep the Continuity of the Design

Although it may seem simple, it is crucial to keep the aesthetic flow in an open-concept living area. Basic design elements like flooring and recessed lighting ought to be constant. Different spaces’ colour schemes should go well together. Layers of texture and various colours should be added for highlights and accents.

Define Spaces with Furniture and Lighting

Using furniture, create distinct, functional spaces. For instance, to mark the beginning of the living room, position a sofa backed by a console table outside the kitchen. By putting a rug in the middle of the area, you may further define the living room. Additionally, lighting aids in defining the various areas of a room. Place a huge ceiling fan in the middle of the living area or use a chandelier to support the dining table.

Coordinate Everything Using Colours

Although a significant portion of this blog has focused on how to successfully divide up each area of open concept space, it’s also crucial to keep the overall picture in mind. It’s important to make sure all your design aspects perform seamlessly together because these areas are frequently viewed as a whole. The simplest method to do this is to maintain a constant colour scheme. We advise going with shades that are easy on the eyes because you’ll probably be traversing a lot of ground. Select one or two bolder colours to offer sparks of visual interest after the prevailing neutral colour.

In theory, open-space living is excellent. After all, they enable you to customise your design to meet your specific requirements. However, it can be difficult to know how to make your dream design a reality. That’s why if you are planning to try the open space living concept, it is best to seek help from a professional building contractor like A. Romain & Sons. We are here to bring the best quality of work for the architect and client. Contact Us for more information and feel free to enquire about all your domestic and commercial construction needs.

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