A. Romanin & Sons Can Help You Build the Perfect Family Home

10 October 2022

As a building contractor in Melbourne, we have created a lot of family-friendly residences. Even while we recognise that every family is different and that the functionality may vary, there are some fundamental guidelines to follow. These can aid in the construction of a home in Melbourne that you and our team will both adore. In this article, we’ll go over some of the factors to consider when designing the ideal family house, with an emphasis on functionality without losing aesthetic appeal.

Think About Your Family Lifestyle

A family home’s main purpose is to house numerous individuals under one roof. Spend some time imagining what each family member could consider their ideal home. Does each person need their own room? Or do you favour having spacious bedrooms and living close to your children? Is the kitchen the centre of the house in your opinion? Do you need a garden, and if so, how big should it be? How many people require a separate area for work and study? These are merely hypothetical questions that may assist you in determining the requirements for the ideal family home.

Consider a Shared Space

If family members can’t get along in the house, what good is it to have one? A need for a shared space cannot be disregarded, even though it is great to have separate rooms to offer some privacy and to support each member’s lifestyle. Families might consider having an open-concept kitchen, dining, and living areas like those seen in most modern homes.

Add Enough Bathroom Space

It’s wonderful to have more than one bathroom when you live with your family, especially if there are more than three people. Nowadays, many homes contain a master ensuite in addition to a family bathroom with a separate toilet. If additional bathrooms or an additional ensuite are needed, try installing them.

Plan and Make Room for Growth

You should consider how each family member will develop and how their demands will alter while creating a home for them. A playroom, for instance, is fantastic if you have young kids, but what happens when they get older and no longer require it? Consider that as you begin to develop the layout of your place. What may this room look like when the kids are all grown up? If you make plans, you’ll be grateful later.

Don’t Scrimp on Quality 

You should be able to stay safe in your house from a variety of dangers, including burglars, violent storms, earthquakes, fire, and more. Therefore, be careful not to sacrifice quality. Work with a reputable building contractor like A. Romanin & Sons who can satisfy all your demands for the things we’ve covered without compromising quality.

A. Romanin & Sons is a trusted building contractor in Melbourne. We have a lot of domestic projects completed including contemporary and reliable family homes. We build custom houses in Melbourne that are not only beautiful but also built to last so your family can enjoy living in them for many years. We are known to deliver every architect’s unique vision with our meticulous standards and quality craftsmanship. Contact us at 0418 370 513 for all your building needs. We are always happy to help you make your family’s dream house happen.

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