Welcome to A. Romanin & Sons

A. Romanin & Sons Pty Ltd is a building contractor in Melbourne for both domestic and commercial projects.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a dynamic boutique building practice in construction. We are equipped with a multidisciplinary team that has experience in many facets of contemporary and modern architectural building methods, including heritage structures.

We are a family-owned business with over 60 years of building experience in domestic and commercial construction. We are known to deliver every architect’s unique vision with our meticulous standards and quality craftsmanship.

Our Director, Adrian Romanin, continues the third generation of family builders to be involved in the construction industry. He has accumulated over 38 years in the industry, continuing the tradition of providing the highest quality of workmanship and management.

Our Hands-on Approach in Domestic and Commercial Construction

Our building process requires us to be good listeners and excellent advocates. We work hard to discuss your needs and preferences and offer our take on all the necessary steps of your project.

A. Romanin and Sons are here to make extraordinary buildings and spaces. We adopt a hands-on approach in each of our projects, making extraordinary buildings and spaces, constructing the two-dimensional into the third dimension. We are always excited about a great building design that pushes the envelope and presents us with unique and challenging tasks. This is our fulfilment and pride as a family and as a team.

We Take Pride in Our Domestic and Commercial Construction Projects

Whether you want simplicity, space, views, and an abundance of natural light, we will strive to make it a possibility. We have the experience and expertise to bring the key design elements to your satisfaction. Distinctive domestic and commercial building requires attention to detail and exacting dimensional tolerances. We are here to bring the best quality of work for the architect and client.

Contact Us for more information and feel free to enquire about all your domestic and commercial construction needs.