4 Tips to Redesign Your Home for All Seasons

21 October 2022

Many Australian homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in learning how to redesign their homes so that they are more energy efficient all year round as a result of rising power costs. How to redesign a house for all seasons is a question that many property owners have, and A. Romanin & Sons will explore this topic.

Ensure Appropriate Insulation

A house with good insulation will be comfortable all year long, accommodating both seasonal and daily temperature changes. Insulation prevents heat from escaping, aids in weatherproofing, gets rid of moisture issues like condensation, and may even be soundproof. The most cost-effective period to instal insulation is while a property is being built.

Get the Right Air Conditioning System

When buying air conditioning, the initial expenditure can be rather high, so it is wise to take your time and consider all of your possibilities. Due to Melbourne’s diverse temperatures, a climate control system that offers year-round climate regulation is preferable to a specific heating or cooling system. Reverse cycle air conditioning cools the home in the summer and heats it in the winter using energy-efficient methods that are considered superior to other air conditioning solutions.

Consider Solar Heating

While many homeowners may be pleasantly surprised to learn that solar energy is produced from light rather than heat, contrary to popular belief, this makes it a viable energy source even in the cooler months. Due to the fact that solar energy allows you to generate your own electricity instead of purchasing it from the grid, many homeowners decide to instal solar panels as part of the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Scheme so they may have affordable heating and cooling throughout the year. A solar photovoltaic system that is installed on your roof and complies with Australian standards can literally save you thousands of dollars a year in energy costs and significantly reduce your environmental impact, using 40% less energy than the typical Australian home does for heating and cooling.

Effective Shading Solutions

Homeowners can choose from a variety of choices to lessen the effect of direct sunlight on the temperature inside their homes. Up to 90% of the heat produced by direct sunshine can be prevented with effective shading solutions. Many people use shade glass to prevent unwelcome heat gain because unprotected glass is frequently the main source of heat entering a home. Another extremely popular alternative, which can also be used on a second-floor extension, is to prevent undesired sunlight and heat gain by using external shade devices like window awnings and deep verandas or pergolas. Another great approach to keep your home naturally cool in the summer is by adding a little greenery to the area surrounding your windows.

At A. Romanin & Sons, we understand that most Melbourne homeowners want to take all the chances there are to save money and that includes redesigning their homes so they will be ready and prepared all year long. We have the experience and expertise to bring the key design elements to your satisfaction. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss how to redesign your home for all seasons.

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