The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Architecture

10 May 2022

These two types of architecture are sometimes used interchangeably in some contexts since they are very similar in some aspects but with different specific meanings and styles. Contemporary architecture is the type of architectural design which refers to those designs which are popular in the present including the ever-changing design trends – which is about the present and the future. Whereas modern architecture refers to a style built from the early 1900s to the 1950s and defined by architects, brokers, and interior designers as a design facet that does not change, and which can be traced back to an international of the 1900s. In this article, we will tackle the difference between modern and contemporary architecture for you to be able to distinguish the two in terms of function and style effectively

Design Colours

Contemporary architecture often mixes the three palates of white, grey, and black and would only mix other colours that have saturated tones like orange and red.

Modern architecture on the other hand typically uses earthier hues and tones to stick to the simple modern design featuring the shades of rust, brown, and other neutral colours and often punched up with bold and bright colours as accent.

Materials Used

Contemporary homes are more of mixing natural and recycled materials to create a sustainable design. Contemporary designs are also characterized by start-of-the-art materials and smart-home technology features aiming to reflect an eco-friendly home design.

While modern architecture design includes natural materials like timber and other earthier elements to create a warm living space vibe and vintage look. Mixing timber and concrete has been the key component of modern architecture and design.

Design Elements

Contemporary homes are characterized by integrating the design elements of both present and past. They are known for design features like large glass windows, open floor plan design and following a free-form composition.

Modern architecture, however, takes the minimalist approach but emphasises function. They are more associated with whitewashed exteriors, rectangular forms and natural materials like timber highlighting a nature-like vibe and retro feel.

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