How to Design Your Knockdown Rebuild Project

26 September 2022

Finding the ideal design is sometimes the first step in building your perfect knockdown rebuild. Your home’s façade can influence its future value and establish the tone for the entire property, from tranquil and coastal to monochrome and contemporary. With a knockdown rebuild, it’s also essential that your design blends into the neighbourhood of your choice, complementing the nearby homes and staying loyal to the neighbourhood’s style. Here are some points to consider when designing your knockdown rebuild project:

Your Environment

To obtain a sense of the environment, our experts at A. Romanin & Sons advise looking at your streetscape. You should create a façade that appeals to the broadest possible segment of that demographic in addition to your own particular taste. While it may be beneficial to construct a home with a striking façade, you don’t want to create a house that stands out in the wrong way. Our experts have a plethora of knowledge and information to aid in your decision-making. To offer you the best outcomes visually and in terms of long-term valuations, we’ll give you honest opinions and suggestions for what will suit your area and objectives

The Interior Design

It also depends on your particular preferences and the interior style you have in mind. At A. Romanin & Sons, we may modify the hues and materials of our façades to fit your specific tastes and palette.

The Quality of Materials

Your design must endure the test of time because it will be in place for a very long period. Façades must be “at the moment” and architecturally inspired without being overdone to the point where they become out of date in ten years. Materials are also highly significant. The fact that we work with Australia’s top and most reliable suppliers is a trait that our clients appreciate.

Condition of the Property

In addition to the factors already mentioned, you should consider the property’s age and condition. If the building is in decent shape, a complete rebuild might not be necessary. Instead, you may give your property an updated look by modernising a few rooms, touching up the walls, putting in new flooring, and updating outdated bathrooms and kitchens.

Starting again instead of only addressing the major issues may prove to be more cost-effective if your property is old and beginning to show symptoms of wear and tear. Keep in mind that if your property has any period features typical of older homes, you will lose them if you rebuild.

There is no doubt that knocking down a building and reconstructing it can be advantageous and profitable in many situations, but you must be sure that it is appropriate for your circumstances.

Are you prepared to begin your project to knock down and rebuild? You can create amazing structures and environments with the assistance of A. Romanin and Sons. A superb architectural design that pushes the boundaries and gives us unusual and challenging tasks always gets us enthusiastic. Visit our website to see the services we offer or contact us for more enquiries.

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