Australian Home Facade Design Elements and Ideas

23 August 2022

Picture yourself pulling into your driveway and experiencing love at first sight, all over again, with your stunning home. Since first impressions matter, designing your home’s façade properly can guarantee that it has maximum impact and kerb appeal.

Beyond its aesthetic value, a home’s façade protects it from the elements and shields it from numerous damages for a very long time. Choosing the ideal façade is crucial because the material, size, style, and design should all be influenced by weather conditions.

The home facade designs that we offer at A. Romanin & Sons Pty Ltd is distinguished by rich, contrasting textures, elegant cladding, stand-out features, and careful attention to detail.

Brickwork Façade

One of the oldest and most popular façade materials for external designs is brick. It is neutral, sturdy, and reasonably priced. Brickwork is used in combination with natural materials, such as timber, for columns, garage, window, and door trims. A simple brick exterior has a warm, welcoming charm, and the natural appearance and colour of brick contrast beautifully with contemporary materials like steel and greys.

Another benefit of a brick façade is that it can shield your home from harsh weather, prevent heat loss, and even improve soundproofing.

Modern Façade 

Modern facades often are neutral in style and don’t strive to be the centre of attention.  A modern façade is distinguished by its symmetry and clean, flat lines. The most common monochromatic colour schemes today combine white, grey, and black to provide a stylistically dynamic exterior. Modern facades also frequently combine different types of siding in neutral colours, like a brick.

Coastal Façade

Among the most attractive façade options available in contemporary architecture is a coastal façade. Simple and tidy facades along the coast typically have a white and grey colour scheme. Coastal facades frequently have several textures, with white and grey weatherboard cladding contrasted with stone and brick.

Hamptons Style Façade

House facades in the Hamptons style are extremely similar to coastal ones, albeit a little more ornate. Although more adorned and trimmed than the traditional coastal style façade, Hamptons style façades are attractive and feature cool colours.

Hamptons-style facades are calming and combine distinctive design elements like ornamental battens with opulent materials like cultured stone.

Stone Cladding Façade

Concrete walls can be finished with stone, and they can also be used to decorate columns and trim. It’s a lovely addition that significantly raises the value of your house and may be used with neutral hues for a contemporary yet natural look.

Flat Roof Lines Façade

Any contemporary façade has sleek lines, like flat roof lines and strong vertical lines. You’ll undoubtedly notice this design element if you stroll along any street; it’s clever, straightforward, minimalistic, and eye-catching. Any exterior may be made into a contemporary retreat with immediate curb appeal.

Some of the most stylish flat roof lines you’ve ever seen can be found on the stunning modern house façades can be made possible by A. Romanin & Sons Pty Ltd.

Contact A. Romanin & Sons Pty Ltd to help bring your ideas for gorgeous-looking facades for the exterior of your home come into a reality. Our team of professionals and specialists has extensive knowledge of all modern and contemporary architecture aspects.

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